This three-part discussion builds on the Deloitte work in taking the learnings from the Group insurance industry and developing a Retirement Solutions Assessment Framework to assist funds when they embark on selecting retirement products and providers to build out their solution as part of satisfying their obligations under the Covenant.

Ashton Jones believes recent regulator feedback for funds has been quite pointed, and presents a clear opportunity for trustees to move the dial on retirement outcomes.

Ultimately, says Andrew Boal, funds need to know what their members need in retirement, and how it is that the product solution is going to help, and how to communicate that to members. 

View this special three-part discussion below, which speaks to:

  • The current market landscape
  • The opportunities created for super funds from the adoption of the QAR recommendations
  • The design partnership options and models to help trustees meet the growing needs of Australians in retirement
  • Longevity risk, the least understood retirement strategy concept in the community
  • Key practical tips for super funds and trustees to consider when implementing new strategies