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Fees and Charges

Fee information for each course or CPD product is outlined on the ASFA Learning Courses Guide, as well as each individual courses web page and Course Outline. This page outlines any additional fees and charges that may be applicable to your course.

Course fees include: 

  • All of the training and assessment required for the course or CPD product you are enrolled in.
  • Online access to the required course materials for each student.
  • Access to the ASFA Learning Hub until the course has been completed.
  • Issuance of one set of certification documents.

Additional fees and charges

Extension Request – 4 weeks$88Please refer to the Withdrawal, extension and deferral policy and procedure regarding extensions. Up to a maximum of 12 weeks extension will be granted per enrolment unless special circumstances apply.
Extension Request – 12 weeks$220 
Re-Enrolment FeePOAThis fee is dependent on which course the student is enrolled into, and will apply if the student is required to re-enrol in the course as per the Enrolment policy and procedure.
Re-submission of assessments after two initial attempts$50 per assessment piece per attempt 
Replacement TranscriptFree of Charge 
Re-issue of Certificate or Statement of Attainment – digital$40 
Re-issue of Certificate, Statement of Attainment or transcript – hard copy$80Cost includes express postage and tracking

Cancellation fees and charges

Item Fees Details
Online Flexible Enrolments
Before course commencementNo feeAny course fees paid will be refunded
After course commencementNo refundFull course fee is forfeited
Public Workshops
More than 5 days before commencementNo feeAny workshop fees paid will be refunded
Less than 5 days before commencement (incl. no shows)No refundFull workshop fee is forfeited
Corporate Workshops
Cancelling or re-scheduling a corporate workshop more than 14 days before commencementNo fee
Re-scheduling a corporate workshop date less than 14 days before commencement$500 + any travel or accommodation expenses incurred by ASFA to that point
Cancelling a corporate workshop less than 14 days before commencementNo refundFull course fee is forfeited
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