MetLife Global CMO Michael Roberts, and MetLife Australia’s Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, Lina Saliba, joined us In the ASFA Studio for a four-part video discussion about the reports’ key findings and their implications for companies.   

“Gone are the days of business leaders planning using a single deterministic scenario,” says MetLife’s Global CMO, Michael Roberts.  

“Rather, leaders need to be attuned to both strong and weak signals across a multitude of domains and then use those signals to dynamically plan for what will continue to be a pretty uncertain future”.  

Globally, the research found consumers continue to feel the effects of stacked crises and Australians reported some of the highest levels of uncertainty around financial inequity, climate, environment and crime.  

“There is some good news, 74% of those surveyed are optimistic that with proper leadership the world can be better in 2035 than it is today,” Mr Roberts added.  

“91% of Australians want their leaders to have a long-term vision,” says MetLife Australia’s Chief Customer and Marketing Officer, Lina Saliba.  

“Customers want organisations to take the lead, they want them to think about what’s coming, to not only focus on what’s happening now but what’s happening in the future”.  

Part 1: A Need for a Confident Future 

Key Findings of The MetLife Future Insights Report 

A Need for a Confident Future: 75% of Australians say it’s scary to imagine how the world will look by 2035. Companies are expected to demonstrate greater leadership and vision. 

Longevity and the Redefinition of Life Stages: 58% of consumers globally believe by 2035 it will be commonplace to live to 100 years and 90% of Australians advocate redefining retirement.  

Wellbeing as a Business Imperative: Holistic wellbeing is seen as crucial for future productivity and growth. Employees expect employer support, with 92% of Australians believing companies have a duty to care for their workers.  

Collective Aspiration for Security and Stability: Digital security is a major concern for many Australians, and consumers have heightened expectations for companies to make long-term commitments, to set the course for a secure and stable future. 

Download The MetLife Future Insights Report and view the video series to learn more.

Part 2: Longevity and the Redefinition of Life Stages 

Part 3: Wellbeing as a Business Imperative

Part 4: Collective Aspiration for Security and Stability