Helping financial planners to understand new retirement strategies

Uncertainty around lifespan and rapidly increasing life expectancy can make it challenging for financial planners to help their clients navigate retirement.

Optimum Pensions’ retirement product experts David Orford, Jim Hennington and Peter Rowe recognise the critical role financial planners play in helping individuals navigate the complexities of retirement planning. And to help equip financial planners with strategies required to design secure income strategies for their retiring clients, they have released a book called Retirement Income for Life: Solving the longevity equation.

“Our book aims to empower financial planning professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to create robust retirement income strategies tailored to the unique needs of their clients – thus increasing client engagement and satisfaction,” said David Orford.

Peter Rowe added, “In an era of increasing life expectancy, it is essential for financial planners to stay ahead of the curve. Our guide offers a roadmap to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by changing longevity, ensuring that clients can enjoy a secure and fulfilling retirement.”