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Issue 848, 29 March 2022 Budget 2022/23 edition 
In this issue: 



This year’s Federal Budget contained only one industry-wide superannuation measure – the extension of the temporary reduction in the income steam minimum drawdown rates – as well as a specific measure with respect to financial assistance for NSW police officers who have incurred a tax liability from exceeding the non-concessional contribution cap. 

Other measures that potentially may affect super funds include various incentives for private sector investment in energy and emissions reduction and measures to provide tax concessions for innovations in low emissions technology, the agriculture sector, and in medicine and biotechnology. 

One area where there has been a significant increase in government expenditure, in recognition of the changing strategic environment and increased risks posed by cyber threats and weaknesses, has been to increase the cyber and intelligence capability of the Australian Signals Directorate. The Government has also announced the sharing of Single Touch Payroll data with State and Territory Revenue Offices. 


Details of specific superannuation measures 

Extension of the temporary reduction in superannuation minimum drawdown rates 

As foreshadowed in the media, the 50 per cent reduction of the superannuation minimum drawdown requirements for account-based pensions and similar products has been extended for a further year until 30 June 2023. 

The minimum drawdown requirements determine the minimum amount of a pension that a retiree must draw from their superannuation each year. Given ongoing volatility, this change will allow retirees to avoid selling assets in order to satisfy the minimum drawdown requirements. 

Financial assistance for NSW police officers regarding excess super contributions 

The Australian Government is providing transitional funding for the equal sharing of the costs of reimbursing New South Wales police officers who incur an additional tax liability from making voluntary superannuation contributions that exceed the statutory cap on concessional contributions. 

Funding covers liabilities incurred from 2016-17 to 2019-20 with reimbursements made in arrears over a five-year period. The funding will also contribute to the cost-sharing of any fringe benefits tax that results from reimbursing police officers in these situations. 

Women’s Budget Statement – no superannuation specific measures announced 

The Government released a separate Women’s Budget Statement in which they stated their committed to narrowing the gender pay gap and the gender superannuation gap by continuing to support increased participation. 

The Women’s Budget Statement observed that 


Other measures that may affect superannuation funds 

Miscellaneous amendments – Treasury portfolio legislation 

The Government will make minor amendments to Treasury portfolio legislation that clarify the law to ensure it operates in accordance with the policy intent and make minor policy changes to improve administrative outcomes. 


Energy and Emissions Reduction – measures to increase private sector investment 

The Government will provide 


Northern Biosecurity Frontline – de-risking investment 

The Government will provide funding to manage biosecurity risks in northern Australia, supporting the implementation of regional biosecurity plans and funding targeted actions to proactively de-risk investment and business operations, including the delivery of critical biosecurity infrastructure. 


Changes to the Patent Box tax concession regime 

The Government has introduced initiatives to encourage innovation, including changes to the Patent Box tax concession regime. 

The changes include: 


REDSPICE – Expanded cyber and intelligence capability 

The Government will provide $9.9 billion over 10 years to the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) to deliver a Resilience, Effects, Defence, Space, Intelligence, Cyber and Enablers package (REDSPICE). 

REDSPICE is the largest ever investment in Australia’s intelligence and cyber capabilities and will 

This unprecedented investment will help the ASD to keep pace with the rapid growth of cyber capabilities of potential adversaries, including equipping it with the capabilities to be able to counter attack and protect critical systems. 


Enhanced sharing of Single Touch Payroll data 

The Government will commit $6.6 million over the forward estimates period for the development of IT infrastructure required to allow the ATO to share Single Touch Payroll (STP) data with State and Territory Revenue Offices on an ongoing basis. 


Future Fund – extending income tax exemption to wholly-owned Australian incorporated subsidiaries 

The Government will amend the law to exempt wholly-owned Australian incorporated subsidiaries of the Future Fund Board of Guardians (Future Fund Board) from corporate income tax. 

Currently, the Future Fund Board is exempt from income taxes, but this exemption does not extend to its wholly owned subsidiaries. As a result, these subsidiaries pay corporate income tax, which is subsequently refunded to the Future Fund Board via franking credits attached to the dividends paid to it by the subsidiaries. 

Extending this exemption will remove the administrative burden associated with the payment of tax by the subsidiaries and subsequent claiming of a refund. The measure will have effect from subsidiaries’ first income year after Royal Assent of the enabling legislation. 


Additional resourcing – Office of the Information Commissioner 

The Government will provide $17.0 million over 2 years to support the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner in undertaking its privacy and regulatory functions, including in relation to social media and other online platforms. 


Machinery of Government Change – Digital Identities (Integrated Delivery Management) 

There has been a transfer of the function of Digital Identity (Integrated Delivery Management) from the Digital Transformation Agency to the Australian Taxation Office and Services Australia. 




ASFA’s Regulatory Watchlist (ARW) tracks developments in Legislation, inquiries, consultations

and other regulatory announcements relevant to superannuation.

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