Each year we all wonder what the Federal Budget will mean for us, our families, and our professions. While there is always a plethora of broad media coverage, understanding how it will impact the superannuation industry specifically, and our own areas of remit, can be a challenge to say the least.

ASFA’s Budget briefing events are held annually on the days following the Budget, with the specific objection of unpacking the Budget. For professionals working in the superannuation industry, these events provide an opportunity to hear perspectives and analysis from economic experts and commentators about the likely implications for the next twelve months and beyond.

This year’s Budget is tipped to focus on employment and economic growth. There will most likely be further stimulus measures announced which will inevitably have flow-on effects for superannuation.

Any changes the Government intends to make in response to the Retirement Income Review and of course, the question of the Superannuation Guarantee moving to 12 per cent as scheduled, should also feature in some form.

Who are the panellists at this year’s ASFA Budget Briefing?

At this year’s Budget event, the following experts have been carefully chosen for their expertise to explain and decipher the impact and ramifications of the Budget with particular focus on the superannuation industry.

Emma Dawson

Emma Dawson, Executive Director of Per Capita, will draw on her rich and diverse career experience and knowledge to share her perspective on the 2021-22 Budget. In addition to her previous roles as a senior advisor on Digital Inclusion at Telstra and Executive Director of the Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society at the University of Melbourne, Emma was also a senior policy advisor in the Rudd and Gillard governments.

Emma has published articles and opinion pieces on a wide range of public policy issues, which have appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, the Guardian, The Australian, and several online publications. A regular panellist on The Drum on ABC TV and various Sky News programs, Emma’s insights will provide interesting angles to the discussions.

Pamela Dodd

Pamela Dodd, Portfolio Analyst, Investment Strategy at Q Super, is speaking at the Brisbane event and well placed to provide insightful post-Budget analysis. As a former economist at Queensland Treasury, Pamelia advised policy makers on aspects of budget and economic policy. In her role as part of the Investment Strategy team at QSuper, Pamela supports portfolio construction across QSuper’s multi-asset investment options, including providing insights into the return and risk potential for different asset classes such as shares, bonds and foreign currency. Pamela’s more than ten years’ experience analysing economies in conjunction with her superannuation fund investment expertise will ensure an insightful and knowledgeable perspective.

Claire March

Claire March will share her insights drawing on her political experience, being one of Australia’s most respected government relations strategists and political advisors. She is regularly called on to advise senior Labor figures on strategy and has worked for three Labor leaders including Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, NSW Premier Nathan Rees, and NT Chief Minister Paul Henderson. During the last Federal Labor Government Claire also served as Deputy Chief of Staff to Stephen Conroy in his capacity as Minister for Communications and Leader in the Senate, and for Kate Ellis as Minister for Employment Participation. With a wealth of experience, her views and experience will shed some interesting light on many of the topics.

Jo Masters

Jo Masters’ knowledge and perspectives are always valuable when it comes to analysing the Federal Budget and understanding the economic implications. Jo joined EY as the Chief Economist Oceania in 2019 and her passion for economics stems from her commitment in providing businesses with deep insights to the economy on a macro-level and what it means for them. She has been a part of the economic discussion in Australia for over 20 years and is a trusted advisor in economic and policy issues nationally, and on a global scale.

Jo has been a senior economist at ANZ and spent over a decade at Macquarie Bank. She is a Member of the Committee for Economic Development Australia’s (CEDA) Council on Economic Policy, as well as an Executive Member of the Australian Business Economists and sits on the Advisory Board for the Financy Women’s Index. A champion of driving women’s equality in the workforce, Jo is passionate about developing female financial literacy and promoting economics to young Australians.

Luke Nayna

Luke Nayna will have some interesting political perspectives, being a highly experienced and respected senior political adviser and having served at the most senior levels of government. His extensive career in politics includes senior roles in the offices of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and a Morrison Government Cabinet Minister, and NSW Members of Parliament at both a State and Federal level.

An experienced campaign strategist, Luke was most recently Deputy Campaign Director of the NSW Division of the Liberal Party in the 2019 Federal Election campaign. He has worked on every NSW State and Federal election campaign for the past 13 years, as well as numerous other state elections and Federal by-elections.

With first-hand experience with local government and having served as Councillor on Wyong Shire Council, Luke now works from Counsel House’s Sydney and Canberra office’s where he advises clients on both Federal and NSW issues. His views and analysis of year’s Budget are sure to provide some interesting discussions, especially with Labor advisor Claire March.

Shane Oliver

Shane Oliver is a regular speaker at the annual ASFA Budget briefing events. He joined AMP in 1984, becoming Chief Economist in 1994 and is now Chief Economist and Head of Investment Strategy of AMP Capital. A highly renowned and regular investment market and economic commentator, Shane has extensive experience analysing economic and investment cycles and about what current positioning means for the return potential for different asset classes such as shares, bonds, property, and infrastructure.

A few words from ASFA

Martin Fahy, Chief Executive Officer, ASFA will address this year’s 2021-22 Budget Under the Microscope event and share his view on what the Budget will mean for the industry moving forward.

“I expect this Budget to have some heavy weighting on superannuation. The analysis and commentary from our experts at this year’s event will be an invaluable help in terms of planning and next steps. I encourage anyone with an interest in where super is heading to attend.”

Glen McCrea Chief Policy Officer and Deputy CEO, ASFA will facilitate the panel discussion and along with Martin, answer any audience questions.

“I am particularly looking forward to this year’s Budget event. Being a face-to-face event, it will be great to reconnect with everyone and for our members to catch up with some of ASFA’s policy team in person.”

Find information about the ASFA Budget Briefing events or to register to attend in-person or online, visit https://www.superannuation.asn.au/events/asfa-budget-briefing