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Robbie Campo

Chief Executive Officer, ESSSuper

Robbie Campo is the CEO of Emergency Services and State Super, a profit-to-member fund serving Victorian emergency services and state employees. ESSSuper has 128,000 members and around $36B in DB and accumulation assets. 

She has worked as an executive in the superannuation industry for over two decades.

Robbie is passionate about the fundamental purpose of superannuation; to maximise the retirement outcomes of Australians and ensure that hard-earned contributions made throughout their working lives create financial security in their post-working years. A key priority for her is to see systemic improvements for women’s retirement outcomes and women’s equal participation in the superannuation system.

She is also a Non-Executive Director and member of the Audit and Risk Committee at Victoria Legal Aid, and is the National Chair of Women in Super.

She spent many years in her career working in a part-time capacity in order to balance having a great career and being a mother to two daughters. She celebrates the greater acceptance of flexible work to allow both men and women to share caring responsibilities.

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