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Nick Callil

Head of Retirement Solutions, WTW Australia

Nick Callil is Head of Retirement Solutions for WTW Australia and a senior member of the firm’s Australian business. He manages key relationships and provides strategic advice to some of WTW’s largest clients. Nick has worked at WTW and predecessor consulting firms for over 35 years.

Nick leads WTW’s research in the area of retirement strategy, and consults to leading superannuation funds and financial institutions on retirement and related matters, spanning topics such as default investment option design, longevity risk, safe spending rates in retirement, evaluation of retirement income strategies and asset allocation for retirees.

He also consults on risk tolerance modelling, demographic and retirement adequacy analysis, dynamic lifecycle strategies, retirement income projections and the use of fintech to devise retirement strategies and present retirement risks effectively.

Nick is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars in Australia and globally on risk, retirement, investment, and longevity related issues, and is the author of a number of papers on these topics.

A qualified actuary, Nick is a member of ASFA)’s Super System Design Policy Council, and an Adjunct Fellow of Macquarie University’s Applied Finance Centre.

Nick is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries of Australia and holds a first-class Science degree with Honours in pure and applied mathematics from Monash University.

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