What’s in May Superfunds

On the cover

On the cover: A simple equation

New Rice Warner CEO Andrew Boal is counting down to this year’s ASFA Conference.

Special announcement

Special announcement: From paper to pixels: Superfunds transition underway

Superfunds announces new, improved digital publication.

Rules and regs

Rules and regs: Budget 2019-20, the Royal Commission and the regulators

Exploring measures delivered in the 2 April Budget targeted specifically at superannuation.

Member engagement

Member engagement: A new era in member engagement

Post Royal Commission the insurance industry has a renewed focus on customer expectations.

Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders: Improving the journey

Funds should be working with the Government to advocate simpler user-friendly systems for members to access the Age Pension and navigate Centrelink.

Post retirement

Post retirement: Expectations vs reality

A new report from Mercer Australia says retirees’ great expectations do not mirror reality.


Retirement: Tipping point

Exploring what happens when retirement flows begin to outstrip mandatory contributions.


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