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ASFA Economic Snapshot

To help super funds assess the economic and social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, ASFA has introduced a regular Economic Snapshot.

Compiled by the economic specialist within ASFA’s Policy Team, this timely snapshot brings together key data to reveal the impact of the virus on financial and economic conditions, as well as government policy measures to support economic activity and employment.

ASFA Economic Snapshot

Latest updates

ASFA Economic Snapshot | 17 April 2020 (pdf 118.7KB)
Corporate debt markets remain tight while equity markets continue to improve, and IMF forecasts on GDP and unemployment.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 9 April 2020 (pdf 109.3KB)
Global COVID-19 cases far from flattening while Australian businesses respond quickly in the face of weaker demand.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 3 April 2020 (pdf 112.4KB)
Some of the sectors affected by the COVID-19 crisis, manufacturing activity set to decline, fiscal stimulus now close to 10% of GDP, and equity markets stabilising.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 27 March 2020 (pdf 110.5KB)
Countries having mixed success in flattening the infection curve, global economic activity has contracted and Australia’s aggressive policy responses.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 20 March 2020 (pdf 81.5KB)
Cases rise fast in Western Europe, global financial markets bear the brunt of the impact, and central banks take aggressive action.
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