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ASFA Economic Snapshot

To help super funds assess the economic and social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, ASFA has introduced a regular Economic Snapshot.

Compiled by the economic specialist within ASFA’s Policy Team, this timely snapshot brings together key data to reveal the impact of the virus on financial and economic conditions, as well as government policy measures to support economic activity and employment.

ASFA Economic Snapshot

Latest updates

ASFA Economic Snapshot | 14 May 2021 (pdf 114.8KB)
Deep dive into the 2021 Budget economic forecasts.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 7 May 2021 (pdf 107.8KB)
Households are spending and borrowing more.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 23 April 2021 (pdf 103.2KB)
A close-up look at household wealth and superannuation.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 16 April 2021 (pdf 108.4KB)
A close-up look at fund liquidity during the COVID crisis.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 9 April 2021 (pdf 112.6KB)
A close-up look at job vacancies and labour market trends
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 1 April 2021 (pdf 109.3KB)
A close-up look at how the crisis has altered Australia’s pattern of saving and investment
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 26 March 2021 (pdf 102.8KB)
A close-up look at work arrangements for women and the impact on super balances.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 19 March 2021 (pdf 105.9KB)
A close-up look at the labour market recovery
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 12 March 2021 (pdf 111KB)
A close-up look at younger workers.
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