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ASFA Economic Snapshot

To help super funds assess the economic and social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, ASFA has introduced a regular Economic Snapshot.

Compiled by the economic specialist within ASFA’s Policy Team, this timely snapshot brings together key data to reveal the impact of the virus on financial and economic conditions, as well as government policy measures to support economic activity and employment.

ASFA Economic Snapshot

Economic Explainer

25 September 2020: Take a deep dive into Australia’s current labour market conditions in the latest economic insights video, where ASFA’s Director of Economics reveals a much weaker employment picture than the official headline numbers suggest.

Latest updates

ASFA Economic Snapshot | 14 August 2020 (pdf 111.7KB)
Wage growth in some industries hits its lowest rate since the beginning of the Wage Price Index, and rising unemployment suggests low wage growth will persist for a prolonged period.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 7 August 2020 (pdf 104.2KB)
Australia’s GDP, employment and retail spending are tracking as expected. But have conditions in Victoria rendered Treasury’s forecasts out of date?
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 31 July 2020 (pdf 107.5KB)
Domestic demand forecast to fall owing to persistent weakness in household consumption, lower business investment and dwindling dwelling approvals.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 23 July 2020 (pdf 100.1KB)
Findings from the Government’s Economic and Fiscal Update delivered on 23 July 2020: Australia better off than most countries.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 17 July 2020 (pdf 104.3KB)
A close-up look at the Australian labour force as at June, including people employed, working hours and gender and age cohorts.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 10 July 2020 (pdf 101KB)
Update on the impact of the COVID‐19 pandemic on financial and economic conditions, in Australia and globally, and government policy measures to support economic activity.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 3 July 2020 (pdf 107.5KB)
A close-up look at how Australia is faring in terms of GDP forecasts, monetary policy, government debt levels and central bank assets.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 26 June 2020 (pdf 111.7KB)
Australia’s labour market shock is put in context and concerns increase around a second wave of virus cases emerging in Victoria.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 19 June 2020 (pdf 110.8KB)
Victoria records a spike in new cases and around two million worked affected by the crisis since March.
ASFA Economic Snapshot | 12 June 2020 (pdf 107.8KB)
OECD forecasts see Australia faring better than most other countries, equity markets get a reality check and Australians continue to get out and about.
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