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Spotlight on Retirement 2024 program


Wednesday 31 July 2024 | Mayfair Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Melbourne



Speakers & Chairs


Opening Remarks & Acknowledgement of Country

Mary Delahunty, Chief Executive Officer, ASFA


Session 1

Research Round Up

Gain insights into recent research into the Australian outlook on retirement and how the future of retirement is increasingly not a cliff from which to jump but a slow transition.
What do Members really want from retirement? How do they feel about their retirement? Is retirement a positive or negative concept? Or do different members have different perspectives? If so, why?

Chair: Mary Delahunty, Chief Executive Officer, ASFA

Simon Welsh, Director – Research and Reputation, RedBridge Group

Angela Hartl, Principal, Mercer

Renae Smith, Chief of Personal Investor, Vanguard Australia

Shaun Bransdon, Head of Product & Retirement, TAL


Session 2

Thought Leadership on the Concept of Retirement

The concept of retirement dates back to the 18th century, and has traditionally signified bluntly ceasing to work. 21st century retirement however is a fast-changing concept. Is a gradual slide into retirement becoming the new norm? Leading on from the morning research round up, hear from our expert speakers on how national and international labour market trends, education and outcomes related to financial, mental wellbeing and health, are contributing to changing perspectives on retirement.

Chair: Mary Delahunty, Chief Executive Officer, ASFA

Sharan Burrow AC, Former General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation 2010-2022

Prof. Marian Baird AO, Professor of Gender and Employment Relations, Co-Director of the Sydney Employment Relations Research Group, University of Sydney Business School


Session 3A

Regulator Update

Hear from ASIC and APRA on current priorities for the superannuation sector.

Chair: Fiona Galbraith, Director, Policy, ASFA

Jane Eccleston, Senior Executive Leader – Superannuation & Life Insurance, ASIC

Peter Kohlhagen, General Manager, Superannuation, APRA


Morning Tea


Session 3B

Interpreting the Legislation – Being Prepared

Following on from the updates from the Regulators, what does our expert panel of superannuation lawyers expect superannuation funds to be preparing for over the coming months?

Chair: Nicolette Rubinsztein, Non-Executive Director, Actuary & Author

Zein El Hassan, Partner, Mills Oakley

Ruth Stringer, Partner, Minter Ellison

Luke Barrett, Partner, Gilbert + Tobin


Session 4

Are Younger Australians Being Left Behind in the Retirement Game?

Younger Australians face increasing and competing pressures to accumulate superannuation. Growing HECS debt, inability to buy a house, cost of living increases and non-linear career paths and job insecurity are real challenges. Younger Australians are likely to live longer but for many, retirement will seem like an expensive luxury. How do we engage and convince our younger cohort to accumulate more super as the industry turns its focus to decumulation?

Chair: Wayne Sullivan, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Frontier Advisors

Deborah Potts, Chief Member Officer, Rest

Marianne Walker, Deputy CEO and Chief Member Officer, Cbus Super

Anne Fuchs, Executive General Manager Advice, Guidance and Education, Australian Retirement Trust


Session 5

Let’s Talk Data

Big data is an enabler but also a distraction. Effective data platforms and data analytics can provide unique insights into members and help tailor advice offerings. However, investing heavily in data resources and systems does not guarantee provision of the best or most relevant member data analytics. How can funds ensure they get the most bang for their buck? Will AI improve the data available or add more noise?

Chair: Luke Symons, Chief Executive Officer, legalsuper

Scott Kendall, Product Lead, Superannuation, Bravura Solutions

Giacomo Tarantolo, Lead, Retirement Solutions, UniSuper




Session 6

Retirement Risks

Retirement is not risk-free and members face real or perceived challenges to a dignified retirement. Risks include outliving savings, rising healthcare costs, inflation, market volatility and poor financial education. This session examines how different countries address these challenges and explores the relevance and application of these solutions to the Australian market. Is the best solution a comprehensive approach to retirement?

Darragh Monaghan, Head of Client Solutions, Hannover Re

John Walters, General Manager, Group Business, Hannover Re


Session 7

Exploring the Role of Aged Care in Retirement

Aged Care can provide security in retirement for members who for a myriad of reasons can no longer take care of themselves. However, as aged care costs rise and financial risks are increasingly moved from governments to individuals, the provision of and access to Aged Care is becoming more challenging. How can Aged Care evolve to meet the demands of an ageing population? Is Aged Care a driver of better retirement outcomes?

Chair: Maria Ganakas, Head of Retirement, Advice and Service, Prime Super

Patricia Sparrow, Chief Executive Officer, COTA Australia

Tom Symondson, Chief Executive Officer, Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA)

Sam Harris, Chief Strategy Officer, HESTA


Session 8

The ASFA Retirement Standard – 40 Years On

Ross Clare, Director – Research and Resource Centre, ASFA


Afternoon tea


Session 9

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Designing Inclusive Experiences for Older Members

The SIS Act defines retirement income solutions as an innovative product class. So when we’re designing member experiences to support these solutions, it makes sense that they’re as innovative as possible. But as the target audience is older Australians, how do we ensure these experiences best serve this diverse segment whose needs and preferences may change over time?

Chair: Jenny Nguyen, General Manager, Digital Experience, TAL

Jennifer McSpadden, Head of Retirement, Brighter Super

Kate Leplaw, Head of Member Experience, AustralianSuper


Session 10

Has Advice become a Whole New Ballgame?

The first tranche of legislation arising from the Quality of Advice Review has helped remove significant red tape for trustees keen to offer their members access to greater advice offerings. Subsequent tranches are likely to categorise the types of advice which will have implications for how funds approach the advice offering. This session will unpack early thoughts from the industry on the opportunities and challenges presented by the legislation.

Chair: Lachlan Allardice, Chief Growth Officer, SS&C Technologies

Peter Hogg, General Manager, Guidance and Advice, Aware Super

Sarah Abood, Chief Executive Officer, Financial Advice Association Australia (FAAA)

Csaba Baranyai, Chief Executive Officer, Industry Fund Services (IFS)


Session 11

Creating Confidence Amongst Members in Decumulation

With over 200,000 Australians entering retirement every year, how are funds rising to the challenge of members moving into the decumulation phase? What are newly- or semi-retired members looking for from their superannuation fund? What might some innovative offerings look like? Hear from the industry about how they are planning to ensure members gain access to greater financial advice. Also, the role innovations in investment options and account-based pensions could play in creating confidence amongst members as they head into retirement.

Chair: Lucy Foster, Head of Group Retirement Solutions, Client Delivery, Allianz Retire+

Michael Clancy, Chief Executive Officer, Qantas Super

Shawn Blackmore, Chief Officer Retirement, AustralianSuper

Jacki Ellis, Head of Retirement, Aware Super


Wrap Up


Networking Drinks


Event Concludes

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