Research and Papers

Research and Papers pre-2004

Feb 2003 The facts on the concessional tax treatment of superannuation, ASFA Research Centre
Nov 2002 Consumer understanding of fees and charges - implications for the industry
Presented to the ASFA 2002 National Conference, Brisbane, Nov 14, 2002
John Barber, Ageing Agendas

Update on workforce perceptions & attitudes to superannuation
Key results from national re-interview survey of 25-64 year olds in the workforce
Executive SummaryANOP Research Services, November 8, 2002

Report on workforce perceptions and attitudes to superannuation
National survey of 25-64 year olds in the workforce
Prepared by ANOP Research Services, 28 August 2002

Nov 2001 Are administration and investment costs in the Australian superannuation industry too high?, Ross Clare, ASFA Research Centre
Sep 2001 Report on community attitudes to saving for retirement
National survey of 30-69 population
Prepared by: ANOP Research Services
Feb 2001 Equity and retirement income provision in Australia, Ross Clare, ASFA Research Centre

The cost of delaying change

Oct 1999 ASFA commissioned research, by Mark Textor, Wirthlin Worldwide Australasia, on community attitudes to superannuation and related government policies (research released October 1999).

topline results of the study

executive summary of the focus group research

Textor's presentation to ASFA National Conference