Research and Papers

Research and Papers 2004 – 2006

Nov 2006 Consumer attitudes and plans in the light of recent Government policy changes to superannuation – 2006, ANOP Research Services Pty Ltd, ASFA National Conference, Perth, 2006
Mar 2006 The benefits, revenue cost, and implications for individuals and the economy of abolishing the contributions tax, ASFA Research Centre
Feb 2006 The introduction of choice of superannuation fund - results to date, ASFA Research Centre
Nov 2005 Lessons from the latest super industry research: Attitudes to super and choice in late 2005
ANOP Research Services
Feb 2005 Implications of choice of superannuation fund legislation for members, employers and funds
ASFA Research Centre
Nov 2004 Why can’t a woman be more like a man – gender differences in retirement savings
ASFA Research Centre

What do consumers think? Attitudes to super, savings, retirement and choice
Rod Cameron, ANOP Research Services
Presentation to ASFA 2004 National Conference

Aug 2004 2004 Community attitudes to saving for retirement: overview of main findings and implications
ANOP Research Services
Feb 2004 Westpac-ASFA Retirement Standard
available to download from the Super Guru website
Jan 2004 Superannuation Fees Disclosure: Consumer Testing Report

Appendix 3:
Your guide to the Meridian Personal Super Plan (Test Product Disclosure Statement)

Your guide to the All Industry Super Fund (Test Product Disclosure Statement)

Warning about the PDS documents in Appendix 3

  • they should be read only in the context of the Consumer Testing Report (above)
  • they should not be relied on for compliance purposes
  • they are not about real funds