Policy & Research

We undertake evidence-based advocacy to influence public policy settings which ensure the best retirement outcomes for fund members.

Policy Principles

ASFA contributes to the development of good public policy and industry best practice through our policy and advocacy work.

In doing so, ASFA is guided by the following policy principles which underpin and support the development of consistent policy that is aligned with ASFA’s purpose: to help achieve the best retirement outcomes for fund members.

ASFA should be an “honest broker”, aiming to inform debate to improve outcomes for fund members.

The impact on fund members and other stakeholders is understood and is evidence based.

The policy will increase sustainability and fund members’ confidence in the system.

The likely impact of the policy will be to improve equity, efficiency, simplicity and/or adequacy in the system.

ASFA is likely to be perceived as credible in advocating a position.

The issue is a priority in ASFA’s strategic plan or is significant in nature.

A compromise can be reached despite a diverse and valid range of views across ASFA members.