Policy & Research

We undertake evidence-based advocacy to influence public policy settings which ensure the best retirement outcomes for fund members.

Policy Councils

ASFA’s two policy councils drive and develop proactive policy projects. The councils are described below.

Super System Design

Mandate: Contribute to the development of policies that enhance system design and structure to enable the delivery of a comfortable retirement for all Australians.

Industry Efficiency

Mandate: Contribute to the development policies that improve system efficiency and the delivery of services to fund members.

Key elements with respect to the ASFA Policy Councils are that:

  • An ASFA (Board) Policy Committee member is a member of, and chairs, each Policy Council.
  • The Policy Councils generally meet quarterly and drive two or three strategic projects.
  • Permanent membership of a Policy Council is limited to ASFA members but in some cases it will be appropriate to invite an external stakeholder as a guest member or attendee to assist a Policy Council in relation to a specific area or discrete project.


 ASFA Policy Governance Framework