Get accredited

To apply for ASFA Accreditation you must complete the relevant application form, as well as nominate referees, who must complete the referee form.

Once the completed form has been received it will be processed and reviewed by ASFA’s Education and Professional Accreditation Review Committee (EPARC).

EPARC considers applications for accreditation at each of its meetings. Applications need to be received two weeks prior to the committee meeting.

2019 EPARC meeting dates will be confirmed shortly

Professional Accreditation
Trustee Director Accreditation

Please send completed documents to:
Professional Recognition
PO Box 1485, Sydney NSW 2001

Alternatively, you can email the address on the form.

Recognition Policy

ASFA’s Recognition Policy has been developed by the Education and Professional Accreditation Review Committee (EPARC). ASFA members are invited to make comments on the Recognition Policy. Any comments should be sent to ASFA Learning.

Structure of EPARC

EPARC is a sub committee of the Member Services Committee (MSC), which is a Board Committee. The membership of the Committee must seek to consist of three current Fellows of ASFA (one of whom will be the Committee Chair); ASFA member(s) with education or training management experience; and ASFA staff.

The functions of EPARC are:

  • to review, approve or reject applications for Fellow, Associate, Trustee Fellow and Trustee Associate of ASFA status in the Accreditation Program.
  • review and comment on any proposed changes to the Accreditation Program.
  • to consider the education and training services provided by ASFA to its members at a strategic scoping level, making recommendations to the Member Services Committee in an advisory capacity.
  • EPARC does not take the place of the specific subject committees that develop course material.
  • provide advice on raising the standing of professional accreditation with ASFA.
  • develop and oversee the networking of accredited member events.