Media Releases


Media Release 7 July 2015
PC Report confirms changes to super should be minimal and well considered
Media Release 3 July 2015
ASFA appoints Director of External Affairs and Investment
Media Release 12 June 2015
Superannuation is vital for diversification of household savings, economic stability and growth: ASFA
Media Release 10 June 2015
ASFA to work with global investment hub
Media Release 1 June 2015
Tax changes to superannuation need to consider the objective and goals of the system: ASFA
Media Release 25 May 2015
New guide to making insurance claims within super
Media Release 12 May 2015
ASFA's response to the 2015-16 Federal Budget
Media Release 8 May 2015
Cost of living stabilises, but policy changes may mean people need to save more super: ASFA Retirement Standard March quarter
Media Release 7 May 2015
Facilitating easier access to superannuation an important step for patients with terminal illness: ASFA
Media Release 28 April 2015
New consumer superannuation advice services fact sheet