Media Releases


ASFA Statement 7 March 2014
ASFA's response to Morningstar research
Media Release 7 March 2014
New superannuation account balance data shows gender gap still persists: ASFA
Media Release 7 March 2014
Superstars of super communications awarded
Media Release 6 March 2014
ASFA launches new-look Super Guru website to help people get the most out of their super
Media Release 24 February 2014
New governance structure good for SuperStream: ASFA
Media Release 20 February 2014
Long-term investors natural holders of privatised government assets: ASFA
Media Release 5 February 2014
Federal Budget should focus on removing impediments to superannuation investment in infrastructure: ASFA
Media Release 3 February 2014
Super tax concessions are important, sustainable and equitable: ASFA
Media Release 31 January 2014
Higher cost of living increasing pressure on retirement savings: ASFA Retirement Standard December quarter
Media Release 31 January 2014
Proper gateway governance a crucial step for SuperStream implementation: ASFA