Media Releases


Media Release 2 September 2014
New guide to help you sort your super this MoneySmart Week: ASFA
Media Release 2 September 2014
The community needs certainty when it comes to the Superannuation Guarantee: ASFA
Media Release 28 August 2014
Group insurance reduces government spending on social security by $403 million annually: new ASFA report
Media Release 27 August 2014
Objectives and measurable goals are crucial to the long-term success of the superannuation system: ASFA Financial System Inquiry submission
Media Release 8 August 2014
Cost of medical and hospital services rise steeply for retirees in June quarter: ASFA Retirement Standard
ASFA Statement 4 August 2014
ASFA’s response to calls to allow people access to superannuation for home deposits
Media Release 24 July 2014
Inaugural meeting of the Global Investment Forum (P20)
Media Release 15 July 2014
ASFA's response to the Financial System Inquiry interim report
Media Release 3 July 2014
New ASFA analysis reveals the real story about where super tax concessions flow
Media Release 30 June 2014
The new financial year is a good time to sort your super: ASFA