Media Releases


Media Release 2 August 2021
Chasing at Windmills: Latest inquiry distracts funds from delivering in best financial interests of members
Media Release 29 June 2021
Super funds deliver record annual returns
Media Release 28 June 2021
IGR predicts superannuation to do the heavy lifting in the face of burgeoning health and aged care costs
Media Release 23 June 2021
ASFA: Super rise to super-size Australia’s retirement savings
Media Release 18 June 2021
New analysis from ASFA shows that business can afford to pay the SG rate increase in full, without cutting take-home pay.
Media Release 20 May 2021
Cost of retirement up in the March quarter as petrol, eating out and entertainment costs rise.
Media Release 11 May 2021
Budget promotes increased retirement savings.
Media Release 10 May 2021
ASFA welcomes changes to boost superannuation savings.
Media Release 28 April 2021
Changes to Superannuation Performance Benchmark a welcome move.
Media Release 31 March 2021
ASFA research reveals majority of Australian retirees exhaust their super savings