Media Releases


Media Release 19 September 2019
More time to implement insurance measures is good for consumers
Media Release 8 August 2019
Overall inflation rate might be low, but retirees facing steep increases for basic items
Media Release 23 July 2019
Boosting superannuation balances key to Australians' retirement aspirations
Media Release 17 July 2019
APRA Capability Review recommendations require careful consideration
Media Release 10 July 2019
Grattan's inability to accurately model retirement outcomes is becoming tedious
Media Release 1 July 2019
Proposed amendments to the Protecting Your Super legislation will deliver better outcomes
Joint Media Release 10 June 2019
More than half of Australians in the dark on important changes to superannuation taking effect on July 1
Media Release 31 May 2019
Overwhelming public support for compulsory superannuation and increasing the SG to 12%
Media Release 27 May 2019
ASFA welcomes new Treasury team
Media Release 23 May 2019
Rising costs hit retirees