Media Releases


Media Release 8 May 2018
Carve out of younger people and low account balances risks unintended consequences
Media Release 4 May 2018
Bringing retirement budgets into the digital age
Media Release 3 May 2018
Getting superannuation right for women
Media Release 30 April 2018
Grattan condemns Australians to poverty in retirement
Media Release 27 March 2018
Industry Code to improve consumer outcomes for insurance in superannuation
Media Release 26 March 2018
Why the self-employed need super
Media Release 13 March 2018
Removal of dividend imputation refunds will erode retirement incomes
Media Release 14 February 2018
Superannuation benefits should be available to assist victims of domestic violence
Media Release 9 February 2018
Grattan condemns women to relying on rental handouts in later life
Media Release 2 February 2018
No more meddling with super and Age Pension settings says ASFA - new data show reforms are working