Media Releases


Media Release 7 December 2018
Retirement costs continue to increase
Media Release 20 November 2018
ASFA welcomes Women's Economic Security Statement 2018
Media Release 14 November 2018
New ASFA Board members announced
Media Release 7 November 2018
Grattan undermines retirement aspirations of Australians
Media Release 26 October 2018
ASFA urges super savers to stay calm in face of falling share market
Media Release 25 September 2018
Sensible reform is needed to rebuild trust and confidence
Media Release 19 September 2018
Improving superannuation settings will lead to better retirement outcomes for women
Media Release 7 September 2018
10 years on from the GFC - Superannuation still a safe, long-term harbour for savers
Media Release 5 September 2018
ASFA welcomes Age Pension announcement
Media Release 4 September 2018
Australian super funds making their mark on the world stage