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You will find answers to many commonly asked questions on this page. If you still have questions, please contact the ASFA Learning team.



ASFA has developed a suggested pathway for students to follow; it is recommended that you finish your qualification in the suggested order.


Yes, all subjects towards a qualification (Dip or Adv. Dip) must be completed within two years.


Payment for ASFA Courses must be paid upon enrolment. Payment options include:

  1. Cheque – Attach with the enrolment form.
  2. Credit card – Include credit card details on the enrolment form.
  3. Direct Deposit – Submit a remittance advice to facilitate payment. Email the remittance advice to ASFA using the email address that appears on the form.

A request for an invoice can be made to arrange payment. Please send through the appropriate contact email address to facilitate the payment process.


Results for all flexible subjects are sent weekly via email.


An online version is available to all students on the day of enrolment via the ASFA Learning Hub once payment has been made.

ASFA Education website

  1. Go to the ASFA Learning Hub
  2. Insert your ASFA account details:

    ASFA ID: Student number
    Password: ASFA Student Password (check your confirmation letter)
  3. Click on the Login button.
  4. Click on your course subject (e.g. ASFA Insurance)

If you need assistance with your login details, contact ASFA Learning Services


There are three possible reasons:

  1. Please ensure you are logging into the correct section of the ASFA website. See How do I login to the ASFA Education website (above).
  2. Once all assessments have been completed, the system will recognise you have completed the course and will automatically disable your access.
  3. You have completed the course or your have reached your course deadline date.

For further information, contact ASFA Learning Services.

ASFA Assessments


Yes, students will be provided with an opportunity to re-submit their assessment once if they are not yet satisfactory for that assessment.

ASFA Certificates


Certificates are printed and posted at the end of every week. Students will receive their certificates within two weeks of course completion.


Yes, but a fee applies for reprints and some proof of identification may be required.


A certificate is treated the same as a legal document. If any amendments are required, a letter and the original incorrect document must be returned to ASFA Learning Services.

For a change in name due to marriage or deed poll, a change of name document or marriage license – whichever is applicable – is necessary.