ASFA Governance

State Executives

The State Executive Committees operate under rules established by the ASFA Board of Directors and report to the Member Services Committee. State Executive Committee members are elected by ASFA members. Their key focus is member engagement, whereby they act as ambassadors for ASFA and formulate an event program for their divisional area.

New South Wales State Executive

  • Brian Zanker (Fellow of ASFA), Partner, Mercer (Chair)
  • Gerard Parlevliet (Fellow of ASFA), Director, Prime Super (Deputy Chair)
  • Susan Alexander, National Manager Business Partnerships, AustralianSuper
  • Edmond Cheuk, Senior Consultant, Tria Investment Partners Pty. Ltd
  • Ben Facer, Chief Risk and Governance Officer, NGS Super Pty Ltd
  • Adam Gee, Superannuation Advisory Partner, KPMG
  • Steve Hill, General Manager, Human Resources, First State Super
  • Mark Hoven, CEO – Wealth, Adviser Ratings
  • Wayne Lowe, National Executive, Strategic Partnerships, Link Group
  • Troy Maguire (Trustee Fellow of ASFA), Senior Manager Superannuation, IAG & NRMA Super Plan – Staff
  • Josh Manning, CEO, Manning Asset Management
  • Russell Mason (Fellow of ASFA), Partner, Deloitte
  • Edward Salloum, Head of Product, REST Industry Super

Queensland State Executive

  • Anthony Schiavo (Fellow of ASFA), Partner, Mercer (Chair)
  • Lisa Cumberland (Fellow of ASFA), Risk & Compliance Manager, BUSSQ
  • Joanne Dwyer, Special Counsel, Corrs Chambers Westgarth
  • Jenni Erbel, Responsible Manager, MAP Master Superannuation Plan
  • Alan Hegerty, General Manager, AMG Super
  • Rogier Heijens (Fellow of ASFA), Lead Policy Adviser, QSuper Limited
  • Garnett Hollier, Chief of Member Advice, LGIAsuper
  • Glenn Jenkins, Manager, Member Experience, Mercy Super
  • Hayley Lyons, General Manager Client Solutions, QIC
  • Andrew Nicholson, Head of Analytics and Insights, Sunsuper
  • David Redford-Bell, Business Development Director, QIC
  • Margit Rosenthal, Manager, Policy, QSuper Limtied
  • Kathryn Zuber, Advice Technical Manager, AustralianSuper Pty Ltd

South Australia State Executive

  • Kieran Netting, Chief Risk Officer, Statewide Superannuation Pty Ltd (Chair)
  • Darren Ball, Partner, Service Providers KPMG
  • Jane Dharam, Manager, Client Strategies and Products, Funds SA
  • Darren W. Royals (Fellow of ASFA), Executive Officer, Lutheran Super
  • Shirley Schaefer (Fellow of ASFA), Partner, BDO (SA) Pty Ltd
  • Julie Steed (Fellow of ASFA), Senior Technical Services Manager, IOOF Holdings Limited
  • Rebecca Townsend, Business Partnership & Education Manager, Australian Super

Victoria State Executive

  • Ross Stephens, Director Taxation, KPMG (Chair)
  • Sean McGing, Director, McGing Advisory & Actuarial (Deputy Chair)
  • Alison Anthony, General Manager, Emergency Services & State Super
  • Norlena Brouwer, Group Executive Risk & Compliance, HOSTPLUS Super Fund
  • Nadine Dey, Deputy Head – Client Partnership Team, Link Group
  • Tom Gordon, Technical Partnership Manager, AIA Australia Ltd
  • Jo Klingberg (Fellow of ASFA), National Franchise Manager, REST Super
  • Vicky Macguire, Head of Operations, AustralianSuper
  • Lawrence Soo, Manager Corporate Development, VicSuper Pty Limited