Lynda Edwards

Lynda Edwards

Advocate for Financial Rights and Inclusions of First Nations people

Lynda Edwards, a proud Wangkumara and Barkindji woman of Far West NSW, is a dedicated voice for her community and a passionate advocate for the financial rights and inclusion of First Nations people.

For more than 18 years Lynda has worked in the financial sector, initially as a financial capability Worker, then a financial counsellor and now in policy and advocacy, sharing her expertise to improve the financial literacy of the community and to achieve better, fairer financial and healthier outcomes for First Nations people who are frequently the target of unfair dealings and too often fall victim to unconscionable practices.

Lynda’s work has been pivotal in leading campaigns to call out unethical sales tactics and build financial health across the region while also consulting with financial services to ensure inclusive and culturally appropriate engagement with First Nations People. Lynda also plays a vital role in building the capacity of First Nations Financial Counsellors and First Nations Financial Capability Workers.

Lynda is currently the NSW 2023 Aboriginal Woman of the Year and also the 2023 NSW Premier Woman of the Year.