Lisa-Marie McKechnie

Lisa-Marie McKechnie

Partner Financial Services & FinTech, Piper Alderman

Lisa-Marie McKechnie is a leading superannuation and life insurance lawyer with extensive expertise in a broad range of matters impacting financial service providers across Australia and Asia Pacific. Lisa-Marie advises a wide range of superannuation funds on all aspects of their operations and has specific experience assisting them with the highly technical aspects of their prudential regulation including data privacy, outsourcing, anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing.

Over more than two decades, Lisa-Marie has also assisted a wide range of trustees of retail, industry and corporate superannuation funds with the complex aspects of mergers and successor fund transfers including equivalency analysis, insurance and investment transition and outsourcing succession and novation.

Lisa-Marie has assisted superannuation funds manage a key stakeholder in their business, its life insurer, by advising on a diverse range of matters including transition to the new design and distribution and breach reporting regimes and with complex renewal, premium adjustment and reinsurance negotiations.

Known for her strong industry profile and passion for education, Lisa-Marie is regularly called upon by industry bodies such as the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (ASFA) to present at conferences and with in-person and on-line webinars.

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