Guy Debelle

Dr. Guy Debelle

Former Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, Co-chair of The Australian Sustainable Finance Institute's (ASFI) Taxonomy Technical Expert Group (TTEG)

Guy Debelle was the Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia from September 2016 until March 2022, and prior to this was the Assistant Governor (Financial Markets) from 2007-2016.

He is an adviser to the Investment Committee at Australian Retirement Trust, a nonexecutive director at Tivan, and is co-chair of the Australian Sustainable Finance Institute’s (ASFI) Taxonomy Technical Expert Group (TTEG).

Dr Debelle has previously held roles at the International Monetary Fund, Bank for International Settlements, and the Australian Treasury and at Fortescue Future Industries as Chief Financial Officer in June 2022 and then moved to become non-executive director of FFI Australia in December. 

Dr Debelle is an honorary adjunct professor of economics at Adelaide University. He has also been a visiting Professor in Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Guy graduated with a Bachelor of Economics (Honours) from the University of Adelaide and gained a Ph.D. in Economics from MIT.