Thursday 23 February 2023

9.00am – 9.45am

Keynote 5

The political perspective

This session will feature the very latest thinking on superannuation from both the Government and Opposition perspectives. How will both sides of Parliament seek to deliver and influence good public policy for superannuation?

Speakers to be confirmed

9.45am – 10.30am

Keynote 6

The Quality of Advice Review unpacked

The Quality of Advice Review (QAR) has taken on the Government’s challenge to ensure Australians have access to high quality, affordable and accessible financial advice.

Given the numbers of baby boomers approaching retirement coupled with the amazing growth of compulsory super and super balances, the need for good quality, affordable and more accessible financial advice has never been greater.

But how do you get the balance right between removing red tape while still maintaining consumer protections? It’s no secret that the current regulatory framework is compliance focused. A major challenge for the review is to change this paradigm to a more consumer focused regime while delivering safeguards that prevent a return to the days when financial advice was simply code for selling financial products.

In this important keynote, QAR lead Michelle Levy will be joined on stage by Peter Chun, CEO, UniSuper and Alexis George, CEO, AMP to discuss the proposals made by the QAR and to work through the implications for the financial advice industry and superannuation fund members.

Michelle Levy
Chair, Treasury Quality of Advice Review and Partner, Allens
Peter Chun
Chief Executive Officer, UniSuper
Alexis George
Chief Executive Officer, AMP Limited

10.30am – 11.00am

Morning tea in Super Expo

11.10am – 12.00pm

Parallel 3A

Session details to be announced

Partnered by TAL

11.10am – 12.00pm

Parallel 3B

Using marketing technology to unlock the art of the possible for customer retention and acquisition

Marketing technology (MarTech) and its ability to grow and retain clients has enormous potential for superannuation funds. Yet investment costs into this technology are high and the capabilities required to master the technology use are in short supply. In this session KPMG will explain how to navigate investments in this capability, how to spend in the right areas and how to maximise your investments against the right use cases. They will discuss the journey to single view of customer and how building this out can help with Personalisation.

Channel 9 will join the session with a case study of their journey to build one of the largest direct customer data bases in Australia from nothing to nearly 20 million in less than 10 years. They will discuss how they have enhanced their single view of customer through partnerships and technology and how they have been able to use that to create better personalised customer experiences for viewers and clients. The panel discussion will draw out the parallels and learnings for super funds.

Karen Halligan
Partner, Customer Advisory, KPMG
Ben Campbell
Director of Advertising and Data Products, Nine
Chair: Analisa Kirby
General Manager Marketing Strategy & Execution Commercial Markets, Insignia Financial

11.10am – 12.00pm

Parallel 3C

The retirement phase – where to from here?

Last year, as required by the Retirement Income Covenant legislation, superannuation funds revealed in summary form their strategies for providing income to members in retirement. But for all funds, this journey is just beginning

In order to fully realise their retirement income offering, super funds may need to create new products, overhaul their technology and communications, set up ‘nudges’ informed by behavioural economics, and/or develop new forms of guidance and advice.

In this session experts from several super funds will review retirement income strategies, the lessons learned in developing these, and explore how they are addressing the challenges of moving from strategy to implementation.

Ben Hillier
Ben Hillier, General Manager Retirement Solutions, AMP
Jacki Ellis
Head of Retirement Segment, Aware Super
Chair: Nick Callil
Head of Retirement Solutions, Australia, WTW

12.10pm – 1.00pm

Parallel 4A

Turning pledges into action – disrupting the carbon credit market

All institutional investors are expected to reduce their carbon footprint, with pledges to achieve net zero becoming commonplace. However, turning pledges into action is complicated, as a key mechanism is through the voluntary purchase of carbon credits.

The voluntary carbon credit market has a huge role to play to meet the aspirations of many net zero plans – but is it equipped to keep pace with the rapidly growing demand?

In this session, we’ll look at an innovation that would enable buyers and sellers to operate in a simple, secure, and transparent transfer of certified carbon credits. Blockchain-enabled distributed ledger technology in a carbon credit transaction network would do away with the current slow, opaque, and risky processes currently available.

Our speakers will look at the need to drive meaningful progress in achieving net zero, while unpacking the digitisation of the voluntary carbon market and its role in supporting this critical transition.

Partnered by NAB

Charlotte Cadness
Executive Colleague Digital, NAB

Additional speakers to be confirmed

12.10pm – 1.00pm

Parallel 4B

Digital advice: Understanding the different parts of the value chain

With approximately half a million Australians expected to retire over the next five years, the need for financial advice will only grow. How advice is delivered by super funds as they manage the transition of members into retirement will be challenging.

Is it as easy as embracing technology to empower members to make financial decisions? However, the reliance on technology to cater for individuals with varied circumstances will be problematic. So, what is the answer?

This session will explore the digital advice value chain by focusing on the consumer, the back office and the all-important supervision and monitoring function.

A timely session for delegates as technology and digital advice become increasingly important for funds to engage with new retirees and offer affordable and accessible advice.

Steve Davison
Chief Commercial Officer, Midwinter Financial Services
Kelly Power
Chief Executive Officer, Colonial First State Superannuation and Executive Director of the Trustee Board
Joshua Parisotto
Chief Advice Officer, HESTA
Chair: Linda Elkins
Partner, KPMG

12.10pm – 1.00pm

Parallel 4C

Challenges for trustees

Superannuation fund boards have numerous parties to consider and keep happy - government, regulators, media, employers, trade unions and, most importantly of course, fund members. Being part of the board, and directing the fund itself, requires an ability to be across a raft of ever evolving challenges to please stakeholders and ensure optimal long-term outcomes for members. Many of today’s generation of fund directors have previously been CEOs of funds or organisations directly involved in delivering services to members.

In this session, trustee directors who are former industry executives, will reflect on the transition of moving from managing the business to chairing the board and being a board member, what insights their executive experience provide, the current state and future of industry evolution and how their boards operate in managing risk, securing opportunities, fostering culture and achieving the highest standards of governance.

Damien Frawley
Independent Chair, Hostplus
Chair: Josephine Cumbo
Global Pensions Correspondent, Financial Times

Speakers to be confirmed

1.00pm – 2.00pm

Lunch in the Super Expo

2.00pm – 3.00pm

Parallel 5A

Session details to be announced

2.00pm – 3.00pm

Parallel 5B

Demographics, wages and long-term interest rates

The world is getting older: the demographics of the rich world are ageing and in some countries the population is starting to decline. Of this there is no dispute. There is, however, an intense debate among economists about what that means for wages and interest rates.

Will a relative shortage of working-age people drive up their wages and will interest rates rise as elderly people run down their savings? Or will the political power of elderly people and a reduced desire to invest mean wages stagnate and interest rates go ever lower? The Financial Time's Asia editor, Robin Harding, is well placed to discuss this debate in light of his long experience in Japan: the world's most elderly economy.

The audience will be able to engage with the debate about population growth and interest rates, and the implications for savers.

Partnered by FT

Chair: Robin Harding
Asia Editor, Financial Times

2.00pm – 3.00pm

Parallel 5C

Session details to be announced

3.35pm – 4.15pm

Keynote 7

Session details to be announced

4.20pm – 5.00pm

Keynote 8

The art of leadership

You may be surprised to know that many of the world’s most inspirational leaders, such as Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill and Nelson Mandela, were keen students of Shakespeare, drawing on the playwright’s complex analysis and insight into human nature and politics, and using his rhetoric as inspiration for their own.

John Bell, acclaimed Australian actor, director and founder of the Nimrod and Bell Shakespeare theatre companies, has learned much about leadership from his own lifelong study of Shakespeare and we are delighted to announce he will be a keynote speaker at the ASFA Conference in February.

Eloquently exploring the lives of great leaders in history (both real and mythical), he’ll perform and analyse some of their most famous 400-year-old speeches, deconstructing them to see what makes them so effective, what they can still teach us today about integrity, imagination, compassion and vision, and what we can learn to enhance our own communication skills.

John Bell
Actor, Director and Founder of the Nimrod and Bell Shakespeare theatre companies

7.00pm – midnight

ASFA Conference Dinner

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