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Thursday 30 November 2023


Super Expo opens

9.00am – 9.45am

Keynote 7

Creating super teams – talent, culture, governance

How can the superannuation industry supercharge its capabilities to deliver optimal performance for members? When it comes to ensuring they have the right talent, funds need to harness the value of cognitive diversity and encourage collective intelligence. Beyond that, there is a need to build trust within teams through culture and look at governance – ensuring the accountability of individuals and the team as a whole, and creating spaces that are safe and fair. Marisa Hall will share strategies for how funds can move from ‘good to great’ and create deeper and more valuable connections across culture, diversity and leadership.

Marisa Hall
Head of Thinking Ahead Institute, WTW

9.45am – 10.30am

Keynote 8

It's Magic!

We all know that the world is changing. Our approach, as an industry, to the many challenges of a modern world, might need some recalibration. How can we ignite that spark of creativity to provide for better member outcomes? It’s magic!

Magic is much more than sleight of hand. It’s the ability to guide perspective, spotlight influence, and challenge belief systems. With humour, heart, and captivating showmanship, Vinh Giang transforms these three powerful components and shares how creating and cultivating the RIGHT influence in our lives can make the difference between tremendous success or limited mediocrity. What we know in this world is that everything that once seemed impossible can be reimagined and overcome. It takes suspending old belief systems. Unlocking mindsets. Innovating. Deliberate and definitive action. And yes, even a little magic.

Vinh Giang
Entrepreneur, Magician, and Communication Expert

10.40am – 11.10am

Morning tea in the Super Expo

11.20am – 1.10pm

Parallel Workshop E

The art of real communication - better for the member, better for me

In this world where electronic communication is seemingly taking over, effective communication skills have become more important than ever. Have you ever asked yourself, “How much is the way I am communicating, or not communicating, costing me?”

That’s the question Vinh Giang helps to answer for influential leadership professionals around the globe. In this powerful workshop, he shares the value of learning to use your ‘instrument’ – our ability to communicate and connect – in a masterful way. Most of our life experiences both professionally and personally are based around relationships, and those relationships affect the quality of our business and life. When you learn verbal and non-verbal communication skills in depth, you build deeper connections with others. The better you get at using your instrument, the better quality of life you’ll have.

Vinh Giang
Entrepreneur, Magician, and Communication Expert

11.20am – 12.10pm

Parallel 3A

Business transformation - people & culture

It’s easy to underestimate the time and effort required to ensure the ‘people stream’ has the right level of focus when executing large complex transformations. This can be especially true in mergers where some people will join a new entity or where a new entity is being created. Creating the right culture will be a critical success factor, so what are the tips and traps?

Another consideration is how to build the capability required to operate post transformation.

This session will look at real life case studies of significant transformation programs with a focus on the impact on people and culture. Hear first-hand from leaders within organisations that have tackled these challenges to learn what to expect and possibly avoid.

Jo Brennan
Chief Operating Officer, Aware Super
Helen Jackson
Chief People Officer, Australian Retirement Trust
May Lee
Senior Principal Employee Experience and Culture Leader, Mercer

Paul Pinder
Partner, Transformational Change, KPMG

11.20am – 2.00pm

Parallel 3B

In conversation with the Regulators

With so much still happening in the regulatory space around performance tests, financial advice and tax reform, this important parallel session will cover a broad range of regulatory issues across all key areas of superannuation.

With the key regulators under one roof, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear directly from APRA, ASIC and the ATO as they provide their observations and reactions to risk and compliance issues and outline their expectations and plans going forward.

Jane Eccleston
Senior Executive Leader, Superannuation and Life Insurance, ASIC
Emma Rosenzweig
Deputy Commissioner Superannuation and Employer Obligations, ATO
Carmen Beverley-Smith
Executive Director, Superannuation, APRA

11.10am – 12.10pm

Parallel 3C

Time to put the (green)washing out to dry: Practical solutions for funds to improve ESG management and reporting

The international and local standards around ESG disclosures and transparency is constantly evolving, and the Australian Government and regulators have been vocal that their focus on these issues is not going to abate. It is therefore vital that funds keep pace with these evolving international and local standards and integrate a successful whole of fund sustainability Governance Framework to avoid issues such as ‘greenwashing’.

Establishing or improving sustainability governance, culture and reporting, particularly around climate reporting and now biodiversity or nature reporting is no easy task as funds need to navigate globally diverse frameworks, regulations, data and methodologies. This session will explore the practical aspects of navigating various governance and disclosure challenges and solutions.

Sarah Barker
Partner, Head of Climate & Sustainability Risk Governance, MinterEllison

12.20pm – 1.10pm

Parallel 4A

Session to be announced soon

12.20pm – 1.10pm

Parallel 4B

Propelling Australia to Net Zero – what more can private capital do?

Healthy long-term investment returns are dependent on healthy environmental and social systems now and in the future. In areas, like renewable energy, we’ve seen governments give signals and certainty to the market and that has helped lead to greater investment. Beyond renewables, unprecedented levels of investment will be required across a broad range of infrastructure including electricity grids, low-carbon fuels (like hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuels), battery storage, EV charging infrastructure and CCUS. Through harnessing the power of private capital, Australia can make significant strides towards achieving its net-zero targets while building a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

These are compelling reasons for the superannuation sector to work together. In this session you will hear from two of the global leaders in private capital investment who will share their expertise and thought leadership in this critical area of sustainable investments.

Peter Hannam
Director, Asset Management, Infrastructure, IFM Investors

12.20pm – 1.10pm

Parallel 4C

Designing the retirement years - from the coalface

A trio of accomplished senior industry figures will share a wealth of insights from their collective expertise gleaned from decades of navigating the intricacies of financial markets, regulatory dynamics, consumer behaviour and risk management.

In a ‘fireside chat’ we’ll tap into their wisdom, strategic foresight and accumulated experience as they reflect on their time as senior leaders in the industry; their most influential career moments; the ‘game changers’ that have impacted the industry; and current issues including:

  • the biggest challenge on the horizon
  • the greatest opportunity ahead
  • how to add a world-class retirement phase solution to our superannuation system
  • how to stop superannuation from continuing to be a political football
  • advice to young and mid-career professionals working in the superannuation industry
  • how the industry today can help funds and their members prepare for retirement.


1.10pm – 2.10pm

Lunch in the Super Expo

2.20pm – 3.10pm

Parallel 5A

Superannuation’s role in housing affordability – where are we now?

Superannuation funds could play a pivotal role in addressing Australia’s housing crisis – by investing in affordable housing, driving supply, and creating stable, long-term returns for members. But is it that simple? Where should ‘increasing supply of housing’ really start? Is the answer in simplified zoning laws and tax reform? Or does the solution lie in technology, like sustainable modular housing? Join this panel of property industry participants to discuss the important trade-offs of public and private sector cooperation. Are we close to a real solution?

Jennifer Johnstone-Kaiser
Principal Consultant, Property Leader, Frontier Advisors
Kris Daff
Managing Director, Assemble

Antony Knep
Executive Director of Capital Markets, Property Council of Australia

2.20pm – 3.10pm

Parallel 5B

Session to be announced soon

4.25pm – 4.55pm

Parallel 5C

The changing world of super trustees

Australian superannuation trustees face a range of critical governance challenges in today's complex financial landscape. Trustees are under increasing pressure to demonstrate strong governance practices, including robust reporting, disclosure, and effective oversight of service providers. Managing ESG issues has become a key focus.

Environmental concerns such as climate change, addressing social issues as human rights, labour standards, and diversity, plus strong governance practices including board diversity, transparency, and ethical conduct, are vital for building trust and ensuring the effective oversight of fund operations. Environmental concerns such as climate change, addressing social issues as human rights, labour standards, and diversity, plus strong governance practices including board diversity, transparency, and ethical conduct, are vital for building trust and ensuring the effective oversight of fund operations.

Are we expecting too much from our trustees? What do trustees need to navigate the evolving operational and regulatory landscape with confidence?


3.10pm – 3.40pm

Afternoon tea in the Super Expo

3.50pm – 4.30pm

Keynote 9

Financial Literacy and First Nations people

Encouraging financial literacy within a modern society is a long-term desired outcome. Being able to understand and effectively use various financial skills provides the foundation for a relationship with money and the tools and resources to be financially secure later in life.

But what is the relationship between First Nations people and financial literacy when for generations First Nations people have been excluded from the economy and society in general? The lack of experience in dealing with money has led to many negative consequences including unscrupulous financial services targeting First Nations people and policies and procedures designed for the masses, that simply aren’t fit for purpose for First Nations people. Issues of language, literacy, geography and culture are ignored.

What’s the answer? How can the superannuation industry help meet these challenges? Lynda Edwards will share her thoughts and ideas on this important topic. She is a proud Wangkumara and Barkindji woman who has been a dedicated voice and volunteer for her community, as well as a passionate advocate for the financial rights, fairness, and inclusion of First Nations people.

Lynda Edwards
Advocate for Financial Rights and Inclusions of First Nations people

4.30pm – 5.30pm

Keynote 10

The extraordinary story of the world’s longest-held surviving Al Qaeda captive

Life can change in the blink of an eye. In one day Stephen McGown went from a London investment banker to being abducted by extremists in North Africa and becoming the world’s longest-held surviving Al Qaeda hostage. During almost six terrifying years in captivity in the Sahara, he vowed that if his captors didn’t kill him, he would reset his life and return to his family a better person.

Today Stephen looks to help others to explore freedom through mindset and attitude. Drawing from his own experiences he inspires others to push through difficult times, to discover their own inner strength and take ownership of their lives.

Despite his years of protracted unimaginable emotional and psychological daily distress, his is ultimately a story of survival and hope – and one you won’t want to miss hearing.

Stephen McGown
Author and longest held surviving Al Qaeda hostage in the World

7.00pm – Midnight

ASFA Conference Dinner

Partnered by:  IQ Group

*Program timings subject to change


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