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Thank you for supporting the 2019 ASFA Conference. In the lead up to the event, this page will be regularly updated with useful information and important deadlines.


Exhibitor information

Shell scheme (standard)

Your shell scheme booth includes:

3m x 3m exhibition booth with charcoal carpet

2.5m high, matte anodised aluminium frame with white laminated infills

Anodized aluminium frame with insert. 2.1m clearance underneath.

2 x 150-watt adjustable spotlights installed to the back of the fascia

1 x 4 amp powerpoint

You will receive a complimentary purple fascia sign with your company name in white lettering. If you would like to include your company logo this can be produced at an additional cost.

If you require extras for your booth, for example light boxes or alterations to the standard shell, or decide on a custom built stand, please contact Sheri van den Elshout at Moreton Hire. Moreton Hire will attempt to provide a very competitive price, as they are building the ASFA Super Expo.

Custom stand designs

Size: 3m x 3m floor space

Find out more: Please liaise with your custom stand builder for all design, lighting and power requirements. Note: all custom stand designs must be sent to ASFA for approval by Friday 27 September 2019.

Custom built stands should be no higher than three metres and subject to ASFA’s approval. For any custom built stands and detailed plans must be submitted to ASFA for approval by Friday 27 September 2019. Please forward to Super Expo enquiries.

Booth order forms

Please use the Moreton Hire booth or pod order form to book your carpet, signage, lighting, power, audio visual and furniture.

Booth design tips

Below are five tips on how to gain the most benefit from your booth.

  1. Create clear objectives
    Establish what your objectives are for exhibiting. Once these objectives are set, you have a solid foundation that all decisions can be tied back to and by which an actionable plan can be created to achieve your goals. The added bonus is that you have something to measure return on investment on.
  2. Staff your stand with the best and brightest
    Trade shows are a face-to-face marketing opportunity and you need to staff your booth with sincere and enthusiastic people. Disengaged staff or those who continually work on their laptops or smart phones often lead to ordinary or poor results. This behaviour discourages people from approaching your stand and the opportunity to engage a potential new customer is lost.
  3. Treat your stand like a newspaper
    Research has proven that you have approximately three seconds to pique the interest of passing delegates. To capture their attention try an overall ‘headline’ that is prominent, followed by a theme or tag-line and then supporting text. However, remember to keep text to an absolute minimum – you get far more impact from large visuals than paragraphs of text.
  4. No clutter
    Ensure you have enough storage/cupboard space for any brochures, collateral, promotional and personal items. Even the best stands can look untidy with a lot of clutter and paraphernalia.
  5. Creativity and an open mind win over budget any day
    Brainstorm ideas with your designer and your marketing team for low cost but high impact solutions. With the desire and a little creativity you can really make an impact.

You can never be too prepared. It is recommended that the following items are included in your onsite exhibition kit.

  • Batteries
  • Blu Tack
  • Bubble wrap
  • Bulldog clips
  • Business cards
  • Calculator
  • Computer connections
  • Copy of the signed Super Expo Terms and Conditions
  • Extension leads
  • First aid kit
  • Freight consignment notes and delivery labels to your office for bump-out (from your courier company)
  • Garbage bags
  • Glue
  • Hanging hooks
  • Highlighters
  • Marker pens/pens/pencils
  • Mobile phone/tablet/laptop chargers
  • Notepads
  • Panadol / Bandaids
  • Paper clips
  • Pins/thumbtacks
  • Powerboard
  • Ruler
  • Rubber bands
  • Safety pins
  • Scissors
  • Stapler/staples
  • Tape (double-sided, electrical, packing, sticky)
  • Velcro double-sided dots
  • Velcro strips

Exhibitor bump in
Tuesday 12 November, 3.00pm – 5.00pm

Exhibitor bump out
Thursday 14 November, 4.00pm – 5.30pm

Booths cannot be removed before the end of afternoon tea

Booths must be completely ‘dressed’, with excess rubbish removed, and ready for delegates by 5.00pm on Tuesday 12 November. The Super Expo opens to delegates at 8.30am on Wednesday 13 November. Exhibitors can access the Super Expo from 7.30am.

Collection of your boxes is your responsibility to arrange with Agility Fairs & Events or your courier. You must pack all items in boxes, clearly label the boxes with a return delivery address, contact details including a company name, contact name and 24-hour phone number and leave at your stand. All items must be collected during the bump-out period. Exhibitors and contractors must remove all materials and boxes from the site. ASFA and MCEC will not accept responsibility for items left behind.

Please note: Children under 15 and animals are not permitted.

Bump-in/out safety guidelines

Exhibitors MUST wear closed-in shoes and a safety vest for bump-in and bump-out otherwise security will not allow you to enter the Super Expo. A limited supply of safety vests is available at the entrance to the Super Expo at no cost to the exhibitor. Please return the vests at the entrance as you leave the Super Expo. High-vis vests are available from vending machines onsite for $8.00.

Please note: Vehicle drivers and offsiders or passengers utilising the dock areas who intend to exit their vehicle are required to wear a safety vest or approved hi-visibility clothing for safety purposes.

The exhibitor must, at its own expense, procure and maintain throughout the term of the event, suitable insurance including public liability insurance with limits of not less than $20,000,000 and workers compensation, which is sufficient to cover any common law or statutory liability arising as a result of any accident or injury to any person employed or engaged by the exhibitor.

The exhibitor must provide ASFA with a copy of the certificates of currency evidencing insurances required by no later than Friday 20 September.

These can be collected at the ASFA registration desk in Ground floor, Exhibition Centre foyer from 3.00pm Tuesday 12 November.

Lunch and refreshments for exhibitors will be available half an hour before delegates break at a designated area in the Super Expo.

Catering and networking events are not accessible to any contractor employed at your booth.

Exhibitors are encouraged to download the Conference App for the program schedule.

The Networking Drinks on Wednesday evening will be held within the Super Expo. Attendance is included for exhibitor booth staff.

An ASFA representative will be available onsite in the Super Expo for any assistance throughout the Conference.

ASFA is proud to take a leadership role by presenting an environmentally sensitive Conference while remaining committed to delivering the high quality standards that our members have long enjoyed.

ASFA encourages exhibitors to incorporate green initiatives and consider the three R’s of reduce, reuse and recycle when developing your booth, including:

  • Use the Jomablue Lead Capture device to send brochures and information instantly to delegates via email.
  • If printed material is required, use environmentally friendly stock.
  • During bump-in and bump-out, be mindful of wastage and recycle items wherever possible in the bins provided.
  • Consider the amount of electricity your booth requires.
  • When planning booth prizes and giveaways consider using sustainable products.
  • Use public transport or share taxis/Ubers when possible.

All items found or handed into the centre are kept and logged by the MCEC security team. If you believe you have lost property at the Centre you can call +613 9235 8000, email or head to an information desk.

A Trade Promotion Lottery includes any scheme that gives away prizes by any means that include an element of chance at any stage. Even if partially skills-based, the scheme will still have to be conducted in accordance with the regulations. A full list of the conditions that currently apply to trade promotion lotteries can be found at the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation trade promotion lotteries FAQs page found here.

Exhibitors showing films, generating excessive noise or using audio visual aids that could impact adjacent exhibitors may be requested to minimise noise levels.

Exhibitors should keep an inventory of all items on their stand. ASFA requires that ALL exhibitors take out insurance.

Security officers will maintain security within the Super Expo and around the venue. While every reasonable precaution is taken, ASFA and the MCEC accept no responsibility for loss or damage occurring to persons or property at the exhibition. Please do not leave any laptops or valuables at your stand while unattended or overnight.

There is no onsite storage at the MCEC. Contact Agility Fairs & Events if you need storage.

Exhibitors may not leave boxes and packing material in the exhibition display area during the show. If required, Agility Fairs & Events can arrange off-site storage at a cost. Exhibitors or their stand-builders requiring offsite storage during the show, must pre-book these services in advance with Agility Fairs & Events – charges apply. Please do not just assume that Agility Fairs & Events will be onsite.

To avoid disappointment, you must complete the materials handling form and return it to Agility Fairs & Events no later than Friday 18 October.

MCEC is legally obliged to provide a safe environment for all employees and visitors. In accordance with relevant legislation, Australian standards and codes of practice, MCEC have developed stringent safety procedures and policies that must be followed by event organisers, event participants, exhibitors and contractors. A ‘Safety First’ sign will be placed at the front of the Super Expo to remind visitors of the MCEC safety message. More information can be found in the MCEC Exhibitor Services Guide found here.

Supplier information

Pallet jacks/trolleys/forklifts

Agility Fairs & Events will be operating a forklift service during bump-in and bump-out to assist exhibitors requiring forklifts. Exhibitors or their stand-builders requiring a forklift during bump-in or bump-out, must pre-book these services in advance with Agility.

To avoid disappointment, you must complete the materials handling form and return it to Agility Fairs & Events no later than Friday 18 October.

Forklifts will be operating during the following times only:

Bump-in: Tuesday 12 November, 8.00am until 5.00pm

Bump-out: Thursday 14 November, 4.00pm until 8.00pm

No complimentary trolleys will be available at the exhibition loading dock. Please contact Agility Fairs & Events should you require this service.

Freight and deliveries

Agility Fairs & Events is the official freight forwarder and onsite logistics provider for the 2019 ASFA Conference.

Agility Fairs & Events offers the following services:

  • All local, interstate and international transport services including delivery onto each exhibitors’ stand at the venue. The transport quote request form can be found here.
  • For international exhibitors, a comprehensive international freight forwarding service tailored to each particular exhibitor’s requirements.

Prior to the Conference, Agility Fairs & Events will make contact to discuss and determine your individual freight and logistics requirements.

Please refer to Benefits of using Agility, which outlines the services provided and will assist you in making an informed decision. Please note that if you are using Agility, your goods will automatically be delivered to your exhibition booth.

All deliveries must be addressed with the MCEC delivery label to assist with the smooth delivery of goods. The delivery label can be found here.

Should you arrange your own courier and the goods require a signature on arrival, please ensure the delivery is between 3.00pm and 5.00pm on Tuesday 12 November which is during the exhibitor bump-in as neither ASFA, the venue nor Agility Fairs & Events will sign or take responsibility on your behalf for the goods.

Furniture is available from the official Super Expo provider, Moreton Hire. Visit their website for a catalogue of products.

Please use the Moreton Hire booth or pod order form to book your carpet, signage, lighting, power, audio visual and furniture.

ASFA is offering each exhibitor a lead capture device to provide an easier and more measurable way to connect with Conference delegates. The device will allow you to scan a delegate’s name badge (essentially their electronic business card) to quickly capture their contact information and instantly send product or service information directly to their inbox. It also a great way to make notes on specific leads.

The use of these devices results in more meaningful lead data, more efficient follow up post-Conference and a reduction in the printing and storage of onsite collateral.

The provider of the device is Jomablue. They will provide support to exhibitors from now through to the end of the Conference. You will be sent a link with instructions on how to generate and control your own content. For further information on this service please click here. If you would like to order an additional lead capture device, please click here.

How it works

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre information

Submit your detailed custom booths plans to Denise Gee at ASFA for approval by Friday 27 September. ASFA will review and then submit the plans to MCEC for approval on your behalf.

All exhibitor goods sent to the MCEC must use the official delivery label found here.

MCEC Free Wi-Fi is shared by all Conference delegates, event attendees and the general public and is not designed to provide service to a guaranteed number of concurrent users in a particular location. It is suitable for basic internet browsing but not suitable for streaming video, VPN connections, running internet-based workshops or presentations.

Premium service and event specific network services for exhibitors can be requested via the MCEC by contacting the Exhibitor Services team on +61 (3) 9235 8110 or via email. Find out more here.

Goods should be delivered to the Exhibition Centre via the loading dock on Normanby Road. No deliveries will be accepted through the front entrance on Clarendon Street. Exhibition deliveries may only occur during the occupancy of the exhibition space. Deliveries arriving without a booking or prior to the allocated bump in period will not be accepted.

If you are not using Agility Fairs & Events, the official Conference freight handler, you must schedule all deliveries in with the MCEC loading dock. Loading dock services can be ordered using the relevant Loading Dock Service form found here. For any enquiries about the services available please contact the Exhibition Centre Loading Dock directly on +61 (3) 9235 8386.

All items must be designed and constructed to approved regulations and may only be rigged by certified Companies approved by the MCEC. Should you require rigging above your stand please contact one of the two companies listed below. Please note that the exhibitor will remain responsible for all costs incurred for rigging.

Clifton Productions
James Pavey
+61 39416 6821

Harry the Hirer
Brad Johnson
+61 39485 8666

Please note that alcohol is prohibited in the Super Expo. To arrange food and beverage hospitality services, please order through the MCEC on +61 (3) 9235 8110 or via email. Find out more here.

Information regarding stand cleaning will be advised shortly. For any additional services, please contact via email. Find out more here.

Contacts and important dates

The following checklist will help to ensure that important aspects of the exhibition are not overlooked.

Contact Action Due date Email to
ASFA Super Expo
Denise Gee
+61 (2) 8079 0801
+61 (0) 408 717 600
Submit your corporate logo

File format: high resolution colour eps file

Friday 20 September Email to ASFA
  Register your booth staff Friday 20 September Please contact ASFA to get the booth staff promo code.
  Submit your certificate of currency Friday 20 September Email to ASFA
  Submit your custom booth designs Friday 27 September Email to ASFA
Moreton Hire – official Super Expo provider
Sheri van den Elshout
Account Coordinator
+61 (2) 8394 8235
Submit your exhibitor form Friday 27 September Email to Sheri van den Elshout
Agility Fairs & Events – freight handler
Rosie Sciarrone
Events Logistics Specialist
+61 (3) 9330 9020
Submit your: Friday 18 October Email to Rosie Sciarrone
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
+61 (3) 9235 8110
Order your:
  • stand catering
  • stand cleaning
  • internet
  • standard banner rigging
Friday 25 October MCEC Exhibitor Services

All orders must be received seven days prior to your event. If you have any queries about this contact the MCEC exhibitor services team or call +61 (3) 9235 8110.

Jomablue – Lead capture device

Please note:

  • All references made to the MCEC refer to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.
  • Forms need to be completed and sent by the specified due date. These forms are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  • Details outlined in these forms are to be arranged directly with the suppliers indicated.
  • Further information for the MCEC can be found at www.mcec.com.au.