Matina Jewell

Matina Jewell


During her 15 year military career, best-selling author Matina Jewell tracked down warlords, worked with the US Navy SEALs, fast roped out of helicopters onto ships, and represented Australia as a peacekeeper with the United Nations in Syria and Lebanon where she found herself thrown into the middle of a devastating war.

Matina’s lessons of resilience and leadership have transformed some of the biggest companies and her message of courage continues to empower leaders from all walks of life. Her story has audiences on their feet time and time again.

With enthralling footage, stories of hardship and valuable learning from her many life-threatening missions, Matina will take you on a journey that will effect long lasting positive change in your leaders, teams and organizations for years to come.


Keynote two

Adapting to change in an uncertain world
Wednesday 29 November, 1.30pm – 1.55pm
Darling Harbour Theatre (Level 2)

Parallel session

3A: Resilience and leadership in the face of conflict
Thursday 30 November
, 2.40pm – 3.40pm
Parkside 1 (Level 2)