Global conflict, capital flows and investment: exploring the correlations

Global unrest over the past 5 years has cost the world economy an astounding USD $7 trillion, according to the the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).

Steve Killelea AM, the founder of the IEP, explores the interconnection between business, conflict and economics. Nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize, an accomplished IT entrepreneur, and the founder of venture capital fund Smarter Capital, he’ll analyse how peace is working in today’s interconnected world, the impact of violence on the economy and how investment teams can navigate uncertainty and identify economic opportunities.

Increasingly at the mercy of global geopolitics, investment (including debt) outcomes can seem near impossible to predict. The IEP has found that there is a correlation between the peace index and investment. Drawing on his extensive global experience, including as a significant donor to overseas aid, as well as his deep understanding of Australian historical tendencies and inclinations, Steve will provide insight into the key debates for presidential councils and his sense of the opportunities that exist in today’s world.


Theme: Geopolitical


Thursday 30 November, 1.25pm – 2.35pm


Cockle Bay Room 1 (Level 3)


Steve Killelea AM, Founder & Executive Chairman, Integrated Research Ltd; The Charitable Foundation; Institute for Economics & Peace


Shemara Wikramanayake, Head of Macquarie Asset Management

Committee coordinator

Craig Matthew, Director, Asia Principal Capital