Keynote sessions

Keynote one

Diplomacy and global co-operation in an increasingly conflicted world

Wednesday 29 November

At a time in history when the only thing to expect is the unexpected, Samantha Power will draw on her vast experience to make sense of this complex geopolitical environment we find ourselves in. Sharing her unique stories and perspective gained from roles as varied as journalist, war correspondent, humanitarian, senior advisor to the Obama Administration and most recently US Ambassador to the UN and member of the UN Security Council, she will explore many of the contemporary issues which require leadership skills that are as relevant in our day-to-day lives as they are in global affairs.

How do you negotiate acceptable outcomes between warring parties? What does it take to mobilise global action? How can an individual make a difference in today’s world? What’s the most effective way to lobby for policy change? Where does diplomacy finish and activism start?

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