Reports and Papers 2004 - 2006

Nov 2006 Consumer attitudes and plans in the light of recent Government policy changes to superannuation - 2006, ANOP Research Services Pty Ltd, ASFA National Conference, Perth, 2006 (pdf - 566 Kb)
Mar 2006 The benefits, revenue cost, and implications for individuals and the economy of abolishing the contributions tax, ASFA Research Centre (pdf - 250 Kb)
Feb 2006 The introduction of choice of superannuation fund - results to date, ASFA Research Centre (pdf - 180 Kb)
Nov 2005 Lessons from the latest super industry research: Attitudes to super and choice in late 2005
ANOP Research Services
(pdf - 310 Kb)
Feb 2005 Implications of choice of superannuation fund legislation for members, employers and funds
ASFA Research Centre
(pdf - 430 Kb)
Nov 2004 Why can't a woman be more like a man - gender differences in retirement savings
ASFA Research Centre
(pdf - 195 Kb)
What do consumers think? Attitudes to super, savings, retirement and choice
Rod Cameron, ANOP Research Services
Presentation to ASFA 2004 National Conference
(PDF - 630 Kb)
Aug 2004 2004 Community attitudes to saving for retirement: overview of main findings and implications
ANOP Research Services (PDF - 280 Kb)
Feb 2004 Westpac-ASFA Retirement Standard
available to download from the Super Guru website
Jan 2004

Superannuation Fees Disclosure: Consumer Testing Report
Ageing Agendas (PDF - 360 Kb)

Appendix 3:
Your guide to the Meridian Personal Super Plan (Test Product Disclosure Statement) (PDF - 895 Kb)

Your guide to the All Industry Super Fund (Test Product Disclosure Statement) (PDF - 410 Kb)

Warning about the PDS documents in Appendix 3

  • they should be read only in the context of the Consumer Testing Report (above)
  • they should not be relied on for compliance purposes
  • they are not about real funds