ASFA Policy Principles

Download: ASFA Policy Principles, September 2010

As the peak industry body for superannuation, ASFA has developed policy positions on a range of issues since its inception in 1962. The pace of policy development has increased in the last 10 years with the huge changes in superannuation and the Australian retirement income system generally. In proposing, championing, or responding to these environmental changes, ASFA’s policy positions have grown in breadth and depth.

Through a range of activities, ASFA has stimulated debate in industry and government on key superannuation issues and provided a focus on the end goal: adequate and sustainable retirement incomes for Australians. In creating these Policy Principles, ASFA has clearly articulated the criteria against which it will evaluate policy initiatives from government and industry as we strive towards this goal.

ASFA’s Policy Principles provided the foundation for its submissions to the Henry Review into Australia’s Future Tax System and the Cooper Review into the Governance, Efficiency, Structure and Operation of Australia’s Superannuation Industry. Similarly, they will be used when responding to future reviews or proposed changes to the superannuation industry framework.

This compilation of ASFA policy positions was reviewed by the Policy Committee in the first half of 2010. As a living document, it will be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains relevant.

ASFA’s Policy Principles provide the necessary guidance and framework, so that ASFA can participate in current and future debates in a timely fashion.

Document History

Version 1 – September 2010