RG 146 & CPD

To provide advice in superannuation and life insurance you must comply with ASIC’s Regulatory Guide 146 (RG 146). ASFA’s RG 146 offering can qualify you to give general and personal advice in both superannuation and life insurance:

  • RG 146 Superannuation will give you both the generic knowledge and superannuation-specialist knowledge needed for you to give general advice in superannuation.
  • ASFA Insurance meets ASIC’s RG 146 initial requirements for general advice in life insurance, when combined with RG 146 Superannuation.
  • The Personal Advice: Skills program will enhance the knowledge you have gained from RG 146 Superannuation and ASFA Insurance (if applicable) by providing you with the skills needed to give personal advice to clients in these specialist ASIC knowledge areas.
  • RG 146 Revisited is a refresher course in RG 146 for those who may have been out of the industry for some time.

Once you have completed your training it is necessary to maintain and develop those skills through Continuing Professional Development.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a career-long approach to planning, maintaining and developing knowledge and skills.

Not only is the continuing development of your knowledge and skills essential to your growth as a professional, it is important you remain compliant with RG 146 and APRA’s ‘Fit and Proper’ Policy.

SuperCPD is ASFA’s online continuing professional development (CPD) solution, keeping you up to date with the latest industry developments.

CPD is an all-encompassing practice that incorporates structured learning, assessments, participation in discussion groups and committees and professional reading. ASFA has set benchmarks in education and CPD to meet these ongoing compliance requirements and provides its members with full online CPD reporting. Please see the CPD factsheet for details of our products offering CPD points.