Corporate training

We know that every organisation’s training needs are different; that’s why our experienced team can collaborate with you to find a training solution that fulfils your organisation’s unique learning goals.

ASFA Learning works with some of the industry’s most respected organisations to train their staff via corporate workshops and customised training solutions. By working closely with superannuation industry experts and policymakers, we ensure your staff benefit from the most up-to-date information. ASFA Learning is also able to access government funding which, in some circumstances, could mean your training does not cost you anything.

Corporate workshops

If you have a number of students that you want to enrol in an ASFA Learning course, why not consider a cost-effective corporate workshop? We can deliver any of our courses as a corporate workshop and they can be delivered whenever and wherever suits your organisation.

Tailor-made training

Looking for training that fulfils your specific training requirements? The content, duration, and delivery format of our courses can be tailored to meet your goals. We are also able to incorporate organisation-specific examples into the training to make it a perfect fit for you. Throughout the training program, we make sure your staff will be able to relate the content of the course to their job.

Customised training programs allow you to:

  • target specific work challenges, projects and groups of staff
  • adapt quickly and efficiently to changing market conditions
  • train key staff in the areas of most value to your business.

Find out more

To find out more about how our corporate training can benefit your organisation, please contact us.

What people think about ASFA Learning corporate training

“In late 2007 we joined forces with ASFA to develop a customised Certificate IV in Financial Services. The course was specifically targeted towards our operations staff, and since our first enrolments in early 2008, it has proved to be very popular with over 130 staff having now completed the program.

“Following the initial design phase, ASFA have continued to be a very active partner in the delivery of the program. They have consistently provided well-qualified and engaging presenters to facilitate selected modules, and their friendly and helpful support staff have made the administration side of the program easy. While it was important to get the initial design right, it has been the ongoing involvement of ASFA where we have seen the real benefits of our association.”

Neale Gunning, Training Manager, Asset Servicing, National Australia Bank

“ASFA took the time to understand our business to ensure the tailored course had the right content and credibility with a customer service focus ... We worked with ASFA trainers to ensure the course could be delivered in the desired style, and ASFA’s flexibility and willingness to satisfy our needs was inspiring.“

John McMurtrie, Managing Director, Link Group